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Should you be concerned over your child’s growth?

It is good for you to want your child to weigh right and be as tall as can be. Growth reflects your child’s overall health and development, and contributes to better self-esteem and school performance.

So, how well is your child growing?

You probably think your child is growing fine. However, at this age, it can be difficult to tell whether he/she is growing too little, too slowly, or erratically. By using WHO growth charts, you can know for sure whether your child is growing normally or not.

Want to help your child grow optimally?

Your doctor can help! By regularly measuring and assessing your child’s growth, your doctor will be able to detect any potential problems, and provide appropriate advice for your child’s feeding, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and other important areas that will help your child achieve his/her growth potential.

Not sure where to find a doctor to help your child?

You may speak to an
IMFeD practitioner!